I’m Goose (AKA Lucy Goosey)

My favorite spot is on the couch. I don’t really like walks, but I’ll go on a hike any day!  I really just like to stay home and stare at my mom. Oh and I’m always hungry!

I’m Ziggy (AKA Ziggy Smalls)

I love my mom, treats, and especially the dog park. Sometimes I get so excited I can’t contain myself.


I’m Olive

I love everybody. I don’t really care about food cause if I’m eating then I miss out on all the other excitement around me. I like to clap my paws when I’m happy…but I’m always happy!

I’m Shadow

I love walks and squeaky toys. I’m in the market for a new girlfriend so if you know one that’s looking, send her my way.


We are Bailey & Beau.

Not only are we brother and sister but we are best friends. We love being around each other at all times and love to play in the backyard.


The Gooslings

I’m Sunny (AKA Mister)

I love my Frisbee! My parents don’t let me sleep with it, but if I could, I would. I really enjoy sun bathing & going to bed early. Don’t bother me after 6pm.

I’m Ziggy!

I enjoy going on walks & peeing till I just can’t pee no more. I love to cuddle and even though I wear a diaper, that doesn’t make me any less of a man.

I’m Brando (AKA Mr. B)

I like to roll in the grass to scratch my back & love anything that squeaks. If you ever hear me making weird noises, please just wrap me in a blanket like a burrito...cover my eyes too!

I’m Teddy

I love to stare at everyone. I want to know what everyone is doing at every moment. I am the best at staring contests, I always win!


I’m Rocky (AKA Rocco)

I love to be loved. I always wanna cuddle, but when I’m not then you can find me playing with my mitten.  I love puppies, people and most of all, my mom.

I’m Teddy Bear (AKA Bear) Treats are my fav! I love being around people but not when I’m trying to hide my rawhides. I always find the best hiding spots for all my treasured treats.

I’m Brooklyn (AKA Brookie)

I like to play with dogs, but boy do I love people.  I want to be with someone at all times so they can pet and cuddle me. I love everyone, but most of all I love my dads.

I’m Russy (AKA Russell)

I lovvvveee dogs!! I get so excited when I see another dog I just don’t know what to do with myself. Sometimes I like to tear up my bed so my mom has to buy me a new one.

I’m Doc (AKA Doc Jones)

I love to go on walks. I get so excited when I hear somebody grab my leash. I am most definitely obsessed with being around people. Some may call me an aggressive lover.

I’m Ziggy

My best friend is my new sister Fudge. My mom is great too! I know I look good, I can’t wait to see my next magazine cover.


I’m Sadie

I love food, walks and running after squirrels. Sometimes my dad gives me his leftover eggs and tortillas and that makes my day.


We are MJ & Lupe

Sisters and BFF’s forever. Wherever one of us goes, the other follows. We love to do everything together, even pee and sleep together.

We are Loki & Winston

Brothers and best friends. We love to run around & wrestle with each other. Sometimes we tears up things too, we get so excited we just can’t help ourselves.


I’m Shadow (AKA S)

I have a very strict daily routine and I do not like it to be interrupted. My favorite part of the day is when I get to go in my crate and spend time with my treat filled Kong.


I’m Lady

I’m a huge lover. I love to be rubbed down and hang out with anyone that’s around. Walks are my favorite, I could walk all day long. My mom is the best and gives me the best treats ever!!

We are Teddy & Luc

Best friends and bros for life. We love going on hikes and seeing who can find the best spot to pee. Teddy usually wins.


I’m Patches

I love people. I wanna be around someone at all times but my number 1 fav is my dad. I love food too but I really just like to by someone’s side. What’s personal space again?








I’m Bailey

I love everyone & everything! Sometimes I just get so excited I can’t contain myself. If I can’t find anyone to play with then I just play with my tennis ball…it’s my best friend.

I’m Dougie

I love to play. I can play all day and night until I pass out. I don’t let to be left alone because then I don’t have anyone to play with.


I’m Bella (AKA B)

I’m obsessed with toys. I could play with toys until I pass out. I like to sleep in bed with my mom & prefer satin pillows.

I’m Fudge

I love people. I always wanna know what everyone is doing. You can’t lose me cause I’ll follow you everywhere you go. I love my new brother Ziggy too!

I’m Sophia

I love my family. They give me tons of hugs and kisses. I love to go on walks and play with my ball. I also like to play tug of war when I’m in a playful mood.