As a busy working dog mom it was difficult to find a sitter that I could rely on to keep up with Goose’s strict diet. At the age of 8 months Goose was diagnosed with a mild case of hip dysplasia and severe food allergies. I quickly became aware of how important it was to keep her at a healthy weight so her bones would remain their strongest. Through Goose’s early years I have tried every diet imaginable; raw, grain free, gluten free, vegan, prescription, etc. I currently make Goose’s food weekly by scratch and for the time being her skin is clear and healthy.


At Mother Goosey I pride myself in offering all raw fruit and veggie snacks, consisting of but not limited to, apples, bananas, carrots, and green peppers; along with homemade baked treats. Every allergy is taken very seriously here at Mother Goosey. I know how important ingredients are to a dog’s diet and for that reason a dog will never be given any treat or any type of food without their owner’s consent.


I make a variety of limited ingredient homemade baked dog treats weekly.  I buy the most natural and organic ingredients available and even offer a few gluten free options.  Recipes and/or ingredients are available on request.  If there is something special your dog needs or if you have any special dietary requests please let me know.